Veggie Voyagers

Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One Month on the Road!

We just had some nice days on the Slocan River.
I just wanted to share a few of the photos.
We appreciate the feedback. I wish you were here. There is a wonderful Rails to Trails bike path that we explored a few miles on today...
Also, I want to take back what I said about garbage. This loop from New Denver and back has been really pristine, except for lodge pole pine beetles and forest fires.
We head now for Revelstoke after provisioning on food and veggie oil again in Nakusp.... Peace and Open Doors, Chris & Michael


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