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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Entering Canada Again

It’s 6pm but I had a great hunger to compare the two sister cities of Sault Ste. Marie. Soo, Mi. has the locks and most of the people in the city are working in lake or river related trades but there is also a downtown that looks like it is trying but failing to gentrify itself. There are pubs and bars and vacant lots along with touristy gift shops.
We did laundry downtown so I consider myself an expert on the matter of this town, founded in the late 1600s.. It’s the place where Lakes Superior and Huron connect, formerly a great series of rapids, now controlled by locks for the great commerce that once traveled on these inland freshwater seas.
The Ontario side has huge factories, a wood mill, a big casino, a convention center and no signs of deterioration. (This fit with my unvoiced theory of the failing American economy.)
I have always looked for the drooping petals of the Great Lakes of Superior and Michigan, Huron, Erie to orient myself on the maps of the US. I highly recommend the egg rock laid shores of Superior to you but we’re glad to be back exploring Canada.


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