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Monday, November 19, 2007

Shut Down the SOA/WHINSEC

Maria Elena’s brother was “disappeared” in Guatemala. Over 40,000 disappeared, without a trace in the 1980s with the help of USA tax dollars.
Name after name of disappeared and murdered was called out and we thousands would respond for each, “Presente” (You are still here with us.) We would raise our crosses each time a name was called out to acknowledge them as we walked in solemn funeral procession.

Dennis Kucinich, our Presidential candidate, is pictured here with the founder of the SOA Watch, Father Roy Bourgeois, who has organized to close down the School of the Assassins for 18 years. Rabbi Michael Lerner and former congresswoman Cynthia McKinney are side by side also.
This year, five South and Central American countries have opted not to send anyone to be trained at the SOA.
In Guatemala, the man in this poster, Rios Mont, has remained free, unprosecuted and in public office since his extensive war crimes in the 1980s, when some of the worst atrocities of SOA graduates were perpetrated on the civilian populace of Latin America. Go to the Amnesty International website if you wish to get involved in bringing Rios Mont to justice.
Grandmothers for Peace was inspired by a Holly Near song and has grown to be a formidable force for peace since prisoner of conscience, Cathy Webster from Chico, California, began to organize it, just a year ago.
Lastly, me, drained of wailing and tears after the die-in at the gate. Thousands of crosses representing innocents murdered by the SOA are stuck in the gate. Eleven people crossed onto the Fort Benning property and were arrested for Civil Obedience. They will need our support.
Check out the Columbus Ledger Enquirer for more photos...

If I don't get to say so until after Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving to you. Enjoy your Life no matter what stands between you and your bliss.


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