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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hotsprings and Lakes

Michael skied up another road and I came back.
It’s been a number of hot springs and lakes back since I last wrote (yesterday.) We checked out Convict Lake yesterday and came away sad with the violence of the name and the seven people who drowned in the lake in 1990…still it’s pretty, for sure.
We camped at Shepherd Hot Spring and this is a photo of M up way before the dawn. The water was too hot to go in so this partly broiled, partly chilled man was putting his clothes back on. I walked over to another hot spring called “crab pot” but it was way past comfortable too. Later, for the luxury of bathrooms, we went to Hot Creek, which was a popular stopping place just off Hwy. 395. It’s now closed due to a very scary geyser, locals call “an eruption.” From what we hear the geo-thermal has been unstable for awhile, perhaps as a result of the construction of a geothermal plant which has actually cooled too much to use. Mother Nature and her hot heart aren’t planning to be predictable and that’s something to keep in mind. It’s good that a lot of the valley is now closed to vehicles and that good anarchist locals keep the hot springs clean.
We skied today up around the Lake Mary loop but also out around Horseshoe Lake and Michael went around Lake George too. This is a photo from the very bottom, where the parking is, at the base of Twin Lakes. Lake Mary is above, under the Crystal Craig.
We’ll have to have a slide show when we get home. I have so many more pictures…Beauty abounds!


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