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Monday, August 27, 2012

Sikkani Chief Falls

It's taken us three days to get down to Fort St. John from Fort Nelson.... The straight shot down the Alaska Highway is littered with natural gas activity..housing, well heads, roads, men, trucks. The vast forests appear stunted in size and are unimpeded by logging other than by disease or global warming.... apparently the warmth of the last winter season caused the needles to respond earlier than the roots had come out of icy thaw and the trees died as a result.
Our best stop along the way was at Sikkani Chief Falls which is on terraced cliffs covered in mossy growth, lichen, alders and buffalo berries. Below we could see mountain goats- a male, female and kid on the south lower area by the river and two goats below us on the north. Michael climbed way out over the cataract and scared me to get a shot I'll try to upload. (Having trouble with that today.)
My favorite part of camping above this was the Northern Lights which we were able to see at about 2am as constantly changing beams or light coming from a diffuse cloud of yellowish green. The part that warmed me on that chilly night of multi-millions of stars was seeing the "flames" rising under the low hanging Big Dipper, just like a low flame dances below a pot...
This is the Peace Region. We are seeing the word Peace everywhere and are reminded of human balance in constricted environs even as city life flows back around us. I'm reminded of the wild though by the goat hair bracelet (harvested from the twigs they passed through) that graces my wrist... until we get that shower anyway.


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