Veggie Voyagers

Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Bruce Peninsula

Michael processed veggie oil in Whitefish. During the night waves of thunder, lightning and rain washed over the voyager. In the morning, through dense fog, we crossed Manitoulin Island and caught the ferry from South Baymouth. This allowed us to avoid taking longer miles around the Georgian Bay and let us have more time to explore a little of the Bruce Peninsula National Park. Our park hike to the bay was caught by a torrent of rain on the slippery, pitted and fractured rocks of the Niagara escarpment. I was already soaked so decided to swim the clear bay.
We are headed to Toronto to see a family member... it is highway time now.
Happy Thanksliving, Chris, Michael and Sasha


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