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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Before the Vote

Tomorrow morning the New Orleans City Council will decide the fate of Public Housing. We are convinced that demolitions of the housing is the wrong decision. If you want more information check out

We have been going door to door with Myth/Facts flyers about Public Housing with our affinity group member Jeanne. The local paper, The Times Picayune continues to print HUD's side of things despite the fact that HUD has violated state, federal and international regulations in its planning process. Even if our two days of flyering turns out to have been useless it's been a wonderful way to see many beautiful homes up close and enjoy this kind woman's company.
We've also gotten down to the Riverfront and French Quarter twice now. The sculpture above is in a small Holocaust Memorial.
And this was a romantic sculpture on Immigration from another era.
We also went to the St. Louis Cathedral, the oldest Catholic Church in the U.S. to hear high school gospel choirs. The theme being that there is a reason for the season.

Hmmm, another question of what would Jesus do?


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