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Friday, December 14, 2007

Intermediate Victory

Today there was a small but resounding victory for public housing advocates in New Orleans. The courts determined that the city council must determine if the three projects slated for demolition are to be taken down, not HUD. This gives us until Thursday.
We did “surveillance” at the St. Bernard housing complex today, before the court decision came down to make sure the bulldozers didn’t arrive.
Late in the day there was a vigil at the Lafitte development. It was an incredibly moving vigil. This 82 year old woman spoke about wanting to go home in a quavering voice. Homeless Pride activists talked about their human rights. We sang and prayed and were led in chants and fortified in spirit to know beyond any self serving propaganda that these African American people had given the blood and tears of their ancestors to build this city and the south and they have a right of return to their homes and continue to raise their families in this city where they have lived and worked for generations.


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