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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bridgeport Vicinity

We’ve been searching for snow access and haven’t been successful. We spent one night below the Tioga Pass road closure along the Lee Vining Creek. That night Michael redirected four tourists from Salt Lake who had reservations in Yosemite to the long detour around the Sierra. What a misery!
We also visited the Mono Lake Committee and learned that the lake levels are on schedule to meet the “management level” except that last year had such low snowfall the lake shrank. They are celebrating their 30th year of protecting the lake.
We found that Lundy Lake (pictured here,) also had very low water levels. It had steep slopes that were too intimidating for me to ski. Virginia Lakes and Bodie had road closures way below the snow line.
We didn’t think we would get to Bridgeport so soon but we needed supplies so it was welcome. What was best about Bridgeport were the Travertine Hot Springs above the valley, looking down on the little town. The Travertine outcroppings are calcium carbonate, like the Tufa formations and are weird and beautiful with alkaline meadows that are dotted with hot springs. We went in two pools. One with multiple pools, hot falls and a chalky bottom and one that was sedately concrete with the usual algae slime liner. They were both wonderful and we went back in this morning.


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