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Saturday, September 26, 2009

One September Saturday

Chico is an amazing community for sheer doingness! I started off the morning filling in on a talk show on KZFR Community Radio. Friends Bob and Leslie, who I mentioned recently here, came in and talked about their work in Belize (Doroteia Pathways) and with the local ACLU chapter. After that my co-worker Patty Molinaro talked about Breast Cancer screening, prevention, survival.. as well as all the upcoming Breast Cancer Awareness Month Activities here.

Then Patty and I went out on the street and found ourselves seeing all the amazing Pastels on the Plaza chalk drawings as well as the wonderful little Chico Palio horses-- I've included three that are near and dear to me- those of the Barber Neighborhood Association, Butte County Behavioral Health and KZFR.

Peace, Art, Culture and Friendship. What a lovely rich benefit to having a day off.


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