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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Endangered Species Fair

 I rushed (hauling my bike cart covered in Occupy messages) from the Pioneer Day Parade to the Endangered Species Fair at Cedar Grove in order to see the Procession of the Species. The Tchudis have been working for months with teachers and kids to create these small creatures-- insects, sea creatures, reptiles, birds and mammals.
 You can bet that each child now has a personal investment in the creature he or she carried.
 And the great puppets and the web of life. All I can do is appreciate the creativity and commitment of those who created these wonderful creatures. My friend Kathy Faith brought the kids and creatures together for this great last shot from the stage. Another version of "connecting the dots."
 And I just wanted to tag on the Lorax I met earlier. Today I spent a good bit of time getting signatures on the Stop Clear Cutting petition (of the Sierra Club.) Some people still argue for the practice despite all the common sense evidence of its destructiveness. I don't understand being at an endangered species fair with all the emphasis on habitat and not being able to grasp the connection...some people have a hole in their neural web where connections should be made. Poor planet, losing so many elegant and unique species to ignorance and greed and hubris.


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