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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Blow Out!

 It's our anniversary month and I'm filled with appreciation for Michael and awareness AGAIN of his incredible skills. Yesterday we'd done our "chores" in Chetwynd and were headed south. On a downhill curve we heard an incredible bang and it fell like the back end of the vehicle had hit the road. Michael valiantly controlled the skid, which was about 100 feet long and we came to rest on a slant over a ditch. The shredded tread had wrapped around the brake line and it clamped down the emergency brake... Whew!
 Michael spent the next three hours trying to get the tire jack and camper jacks to work so we could get the spare on and then we had a whole dilemma about how to get the camper lined up again as he could no longer lower it straight on the camper bed at the angle we were in. Many wonderful Canadians stopped to help. We really, really appreciate their kindness even though it was Michael who slowly, methodically got us out of there.
This morning he has identified a new tire and new rim and we have a new problem-- the glow plug relay isn't working so we are marooned in the IGA parking lot in Chetwynd until we get a new one.
 I just want to again recognize my valiant, brilliant husband and all the kind people who have given us support.
 Until we can properly celibrate...on the


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