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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I also have a Dream

 It was really helpful to have our Complete Self Attunement ( Winter Deepening this weekend. The pictures are kind of goofy but as I explained elsewhere, when you sit for most of 12 hours a day it feels good to stretch out your back, laugh, eat, chat...
 On the way home I heard Dr. King's I Have A Dream speech from 50 years ago. I know most of the focus went to the Inauguration today but my awakening is to the need for a spokesperson for the Earth and a kind of blueprint or manifesto to go out like the cries for freedom and justice.
 This speech would be harder to write because it would challenge capitalism to its core. It would share the deep honest truths of King's words but apply to that which sustains us all and what we need to do for our grandchildren to live here... I want to say for our grandchildren to live in harmony with the earth but isn't harmony already mostly destroyed by our species? Our task is to regain harmony by learning what it is and taking responsibility to living it from joy and wholeness, not lack.
 The wisdom of the earth, the beauty of the earth and of the human connection to the simple yet profound nature of aliveness can be expressed in a way that would be the anthem for us all. So 50 years from now we can look back and feel that same humble chill of recognition of the truth and foresight of Dr. King.


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