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Monday, December 10, 2012

Riparia Celebrates 25 Years!

 We celebrated our 25th Anniversary with a whirlwind of family, friends, and feasting. Guthrie visited so we had our full complement of land partners, so lots of meetings too. Above are Scott and Richard who are part of our history-- both lovers of the land.
 Our youngest is Bennett who is just two but Addie and Amani are teenagers now and as beautiful and smart as young women can be so I decided, out of dozens of photos, to post their sweet faces.
 And then there were games... after tummies were full we had games that Orien produced and taught. Soon we were sliding around tiles, flipping cards, snapping down tiles like they do in Jamaica.
 There were about 30 people in our circle before dinner but this is the late night, after games crowd, a beautiful cross-section of who we were, who we are and who we will be. Love to all who went on and to those who couldn't come and those who were here with us. It's been an amazing 25 years of community.


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