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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Flaming ? Gorge

 We were relieved to get out of Rock Springs. Did errands in Green River and rolled past the Flaming Gorge reservoir portion of Wyoming until after lunch. Once the road passed back into Utah it became much more interesting, especially a loop we took called Sheep Creek Road.
 It made me wish again that I had had more than that elementary course in Geology back in 1965 at the University of Missouri. So much variety and so many fascinating structural changes.
 The gorge itself doesn't become red canyon until the lower segment. We were at a Visitor Center with no visitors, except for the sheep, for the sunset and then camped for the night down by a small cove. In the morning the threatened rain hadn't arrived yet but the wind was already up so we decided to just walk for a bit and move on. I was sorry the Green River had been deprived of her natural course but grateful to have seen this beautiful country.


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