Veggie Voyagers

Couple travelled 30 states and 3 Canadian provinces between 7/07 and 5/08 running their 1987 Ford truck on straight veggie oil. The blog continues with a focus on the natural world and energy politics from a personal perspective

Friday, September 13, 2013

City of Rocks National Reserve

 Yesterday we went for a great hike.. learned that this place is mainly visited by climbers because of the ideal granite challenges. In the shot below though you can see to the valley floor.
 And if you enlarge this photo you can see two climbers on the center spire..
 We'd had a little rain along our hike yesterday but it rained all through the night and the road to Pinnacle Pass was too muddy to attempt even in 4 wheel drive today so we came back via Register Rock, where early Californians had signed their names in axle grease, now fading into obscurity.
 Without Michael and his efforts the Veggie Voyagers would be nowhere. It is so good to be back in our slow clunky clumsy rolling stride. He is one month out from chemo and finally able to take a break from efforting. One thing I have to admit though... we have run on bio-diesel until it ran out but there has been no veggie oil to collect in Nevada and no towns yet in either the Utah or Idaho corners of those states so we are running on diesel..... Hopefully soon to return to our mission... if possible.


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