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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas times

We are in Nederland, Texas. Because Michael had to do some truck repairs we didn't stay too long on the Louisiana coast.
Tonight the moon is rising full over the Dairy Queen and my heart is also full. News of a friend seriously injured. The intensity of this night fills me. My daughter was born this night 27 years ago. My mom died on Christmas eve two years ago and Michael and I drove this route with my crushing heart soon after that. My old friends at Adult Protective Services are losing their nurses because my position was never filled. Everything stitches together in the intensity of this special night. My wishes for you are--

That you shine your beauty. That you have companionship. That you make the most of your strengths and are not held back by your weaknesses.
and that you are kind and care for others and they in turn will care for you when you are in need.
That you will stay our friends and acquaintances because the losses, even at 60, get to be a real burden. Let's all stay strong.
and, Lastly that my dear Orien, whose constellation I watch dancing in the winter skies these nights, has a wonderful new year of Healthy, Productive and Joyful Life.

Peace to you and stay safe, Chris and Michael


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