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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jude and Tom

Do you know how it is when you Love a friend and that love has cultured for years in your memory without much input?
Then you are together again and WOW! They are real and living such a sweet delicious life and you could just gobble them up?
That’s how it is with Jude. We loved her Tom and her way of Life and her work in the world and her art and yard and all the little nuanced things like water conservation and fasting for the planet.
We have taken advantage of them for showers and laundry and meals and now internet. They are so gracious and kind. (Makes me want to give too. All I have are seashells, driftwood and rocks and my dishwashing skills.)
Ah friendship. We are so lucky to be with friends and to be friends. Loving Always.


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