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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Crested Butte

The 100th posting! Wow, all Light to celebrate!

We are in Crested Butte. I don’t think I have ever had as many physical complaints as I have here. I took the day off from skiing yesterday to make soup and meditate while Michael skied. This morning I had an unending litany of parts that were either unbearably cold or hurting.
It’s a brilliant cold, dry, sharp day again today. Michael is processing veggie oil at the town Nordic track where a stream of dump trucks are going past to dispose of the town snow. The snow is so deep its almost impossible to see the houses as the piles of snow are higher than our heads. Ice, slush, mud, snow…ahhh, more to complain about.I did go to the Visitor Center for the bathroom and to get directions to the library. There were stickers there to Save Red Lady. What that is about is that the other mountain besides Crested Butte, that towers over this town is Red Lady. It has a huge pure white bowl near the summit and appears pristine and lovely. It was sold by the National Forest for 5$ an acre to a Wyoming mining company who sold it to a Canadian company that plans to mine Molybdenum (a metal hardener for tanks and such) there.
This is a beautiful little town, all cutesy Victorians and fantastic views in every direction. The people are hardy and mostly young. They are fighting to save the mountain and their quality of health and life.


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