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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Las Platas Mountains

Yesterday we got in out first day of skiing in the San Juan National Forest at the base of the La Plata Mountains.
On the weekend they held the Mancos Mush at the end of the road where we stayed overnight and these folks were running these two dog teams while we were skiing. The joy in the dogs' voices was a wild thing to enjoy.

Right now I'm in a laundramat while Michael is processing veggie oil next door by the Animus River here in Durango. I put up a note in the natural food store to direct people who might be interested in running vehicles on veggie oil but so far no one has gone to check him out. Here in Durango there are two gas stations selling biodiesel, so we know there is interest.

It's so interesting to hear the women here in the laundramat talk about life in snow country--how many buckets of snow it takes to flush a toilet and stuff like that.

Storm coming in tonight and we hope to get over some of the passes north of here before that.


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