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Monday, March 10, 2008

Telluride and before

We’re in Telluride, at the end of the road by an old mine, having passed through the town which is back dropped by this incredible box canyon of 12-13,000 foot mountains making a U around the town. What was great about seeing this place was appreciating the burned blood colored rock faces and shining San Miquel river. You just can’t tell from the mystique of the rich what underlies the phenomena. Pure beauty. Very far from anywhere though. The rich fly in. It’s not sustainable to have this thriving town here but it’s here.
We came over from Ridgway. We camped up on a community Nordic track trail head on the unpaved road that goes back up to Ouray. It was great to wake in the morning and as the clouds cleared to see peaks emerging like they were newly forming for our pleasure.
The day before Michael had processed Veggie oil at the Visitor Center-Railroad Museum in (Ridgway) town while I hoofed around. It snowed in the afternoon and we had a dip at the local (Orvis) hotspring with the stinging bits of winter still falling.
There’s been a lot of change. The day before that we’d dropped down from the high country between the Gunnison and Raggeds Wilderness Areas where we’d camped by Anthrocite Creek and then skied the end of the plowed road toward Kebler Pass (and toward Crested Butte beyond.) We saw a lot of coal operations, vineyards, and clear earth as we got toward Delta and along Hwy 550 along the Uncompahgre River. It was actually warm when we settled at the Montrose Walmart for that night.
Three days of travel, place, beautiful and wild places. Even in the most pristine places you come on cabins or ranches or luxury chalets and there are always jets and their contrails. I never forget the moment we’re living this.
Today we ski at Lizard’s Head Pass. I hope that soon I’ll be able to post lots of photos again without the “Server Error” message.


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