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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Lake Tahoe

After a visit to the Grover Hot Spring pool late in the day we stayed nearby between the park and Marleyville. The next day we explored around Carson Pass and to Kirkwood Ski Resort on the far side. The snow was icy and uninviting in the cold wind and I wimped out on the steepness.
Now with snow predicted here in the Tahoe Basin I feel much more optimistic. Plus, we found an empty Sno-Park where Michael can process (the veggie oil) as the clouds thicken. Above the Sno Park people are constructing the Washoe Cultural Center. The Washoe people lived by the side of what is now Lake Tahoe for thousands of years. A lone Canada goose, sounding alarmed, flew upstream just now as Michael is replacing some kinked hose to begin his hours long veggie processing. The creek below us drones along with the DC to AC inverter that Michael uses to power the juicer that centrifuges and cleans the oil he picked up yesterday in South Lake Tahoe at a Thai and a Chinese Restaurant.
All the camp grounds along the west side of the lake are closed and hardly anyone is around. Last evening we walked out in the brisk wind to see the sunset over Fallen Leaf Lake. We camped by the road near meadows that are inches deep with water and just waiting to explode with life when the air warms. The robins on the ground are waiting in all the high country for insects they somehow know will be here, as are the swallows in the air.
Another Earth Day. How I love feeling at home where I am. I only like driving when there is no search for home at the end of the day. Yesterday I think we both felt a bit lost and aimless coming down into urban South Lake Tahoe.
Just now I rode my dusty bike down to the beach and was the only human around. I sat on a sheltered bench and meditated. It was a humble yet abundant gratefulness that I was left with within the vast sea of sensation and possibility. Mt. Tullac and the distant ring of mountains around the great Tahoe Lake were just the macro appearances of everything wondrous that surround(ed) me.
This Earth is really so incredible. The buds keep opening somewhere. We’ve seen that over and over. The resurgence of spring at each elevation and each eco-niche. It’s like being reassured over and over again that reemergence and resurrection are not only possible but guaranteed. This link with natural creativity and faith are something I want to remember and keep living.

May 23. One week from home. The snow flurries were just a tease. In the late afternoon yesterday we picked up garbage on the public access beach especially under the storm drain pipes that dump garbage directly onto the lake shore.
Unfortunately the Blog Monster will not allow me to post any photos... sorry. Imagine beauty.


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