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Monday, April 28, 2008

Santa Cruz

It’s great to be back to the Pacific Coast again, especially in Santa Cruz. We are visiting our friend Mathilde and had a really interesting experience last night. We went downtown with her and her friend June to the Community Television of Santa Cruz studios where she was directing two 30 minute segments of interviews. June is a newly trained camerawoman who is 85 years young and she and Mathilde are great buddies. We got to be part of sound and light checks and then, audience.
Today Mathilde and Annie, another camerawoman from the production team, are filming an interview with Michael for community TV. I’m excited that we will be able to share the segment with community TV up in Butte County when we get home.
I believe that our country really overlooks an excellent energy resource when we don’t have a comprehensive plan for recycling vegetable oil. Every restaurant should have guidelines about how oil is stored (out of the rain, not as a garbage can.) Collections should benefit the community to run public transportation. There should even be veggie oil collection from public citizens who fry foods. We waste so much!
We really appreciate the work Mathilde and other volunteers in Santa Cruz are doing to bring free speech television to the people. Like community radio, it’s a must if we are going to become informed about the issues that are critical to our survival.


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