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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Carson City

This is our third night in the Nugget RV parking lot off Hwy 395 in Carson City. We’ve had a tedious time. Yesterday I held down the Carson office while the staff went to a training in Reno and Michael held down the Minden office. When the staff got back they went right back into gear and we learned how to enter data and make calls both in state and to other states, which we’ve been doing during down times. Today we tried to walk a large subdivision with follow up canvassing to missed locations but no one was home during the day. We came back at 5pm and had better luck but wanted to see the second debate, so we left off at 6pm, without getting very much done.
The debate audience was more low key than we expected but there was free food and the luxury of a nice house. Obama seemed strained and intense and McCain seemed doddering but likeable… I hope people can hear how much more logical and thoughtful Obama is!
Speaking of old codgers, this has been hard for us. The 20-30 year old organizing team is really busy and bright and always changing directions so you have to keep your eye on the ball but also realize we are volunteering during a relatively calm period before the storm. We were exhausted last night after a 10 hour day but today have more energy to feel slightly disgruntled and underutilized… at no one in particular. There’s just the obvious fact that this should be a no contest election but in reality we all feel we are fighting for our lives, and at this particular time, in slow motion and with a limp and a lurch.

Today we made a small break and went out to the Carson River for a walk below the ancient cottonwoods during the day. There was just too much “hurry up and wait” going on at the Carson Obama office and we were feeling strained.
In the afternoon we finished our sprawling subdivision and wearily handed in our canvassing totals…lots of “Not Homes” but enough Obama and Early Voting info shared to make it feel worthwhile.
Now we are back out at the river under a half moon with the sharp sage smell and quiet river sound and a much better sense of ourselves. Tomorrow we head down to Minden to make packets and do more door knocks before the weekend infusion of California canvassers.


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