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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dragons for Farmland

This morning started with a lovely walk to meet Weezie half way between our homes. The photos are of chard in the front yard of my next door neighbors Wendy and Hjalmar, the Diamond Match property kitty korner to us, our neighbor Duke’s hummingbird totem, Weezie’s palace and a Dragon that guards her porch.
You know I LOVE the land where we live don’t you? Tonight I heard that our city Planning Commission had recommended to our City Council that our land and the surrounding orchards be rezoned as an urban reserve with High Density Residential zoning!!! What’s more, it was too late to comment on it.
I feel like I’ve failed my best friend. I am angry and sad and fed up with our liberal representatives who make compromises at every bend to appease the conservatives. I will be like Weezie’s Dragon and Defend this Farm! I’ve already written letters so I don’t know what to do next except raise a Huge Stink about it. How can you consider taking some of the richest farm land in the world out of food production so people can have apartments on it!!! It’s insane!


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