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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Butte Meadows

This was a big work day but the garden looks good now and asparagus and more broccoli is in. Spring blooms on the almond and fruit trees are a little alarming though because we are supposed to have rain all week. (If the blossoms get knocked out and the pollinators aren’t out there will be no fruit this year.) I want to get out in the valley to take pictures but didn’t make time today.
Yesterday we went up to Butte Meadows and skied along the creek. Spring is showing up there too in the form of rivulets that become gullies for the fanning water tributaries. We ran into Jim Dwyer, poet librarian, who snow shoed into the meadows.
In a week I’ll be off to Guatemala. I want to write some about that next time.
Last year, in Colorado, March really came in like a lion… I think tomorrow it’s due in as a drizzle.


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