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Sunday, February 8, 2009

pushing through

Ooh, I’m restless. I’ve been in cleaning house all day and now am going to pay some bills. Every thing I do I’m having trouble being present with. I’m wanting to be outside and it is such a jumpy feeling. Every thing I look at needs attention and I feel good when I do have a cleaner, more organized home but the house is never really clean and I don’t like the repetition of its demands.
Yesterday we went up to ski after the snow fall the day before but when we got up there it was really windy, the kind that cuts cold right through you. We decided to go lower, even though there was almost no new snow. We went up the Wilson Lake Rd. three miles in to the lake, which is like a big meadow. I like my home dried apricot ring frames.
We got home early to the full moon and spring explosion… from crocus to bottle brush.. Everything is green and pushing forth. I guess I need to get out to it.


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