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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Three years from mom

My brother Warren just called from his long commute between Charleston and north Georgia to join his family (pictured here are Warren, Carol and Kevin) for Christmas. It’s 3 years since we lost our mom. Her name was Madrene but everyone called her Dena. Our dad had died in 2001 and that was hard enough but losing mom was like losing the center and anchor of our childhood. Now our small family is in drift with each precious member out doing their own thing. Mom died after our cousin Susie (in the photo) came and helped cook her favorite foods and make the house Christmasy and Orien came and we celebrated her birthday together. Mom died on Christmas Eve, which is also Orien’s birthday. She died while Joy to the World was on the CD player and a soft buttery Florida sun was streaming through the window. Gentle, peaceful, like the rain just now on the roof. Profoundly, achingly, permanently.
Orien just now drove past on her way to get last minute Christmas gifts. Soon I’ll leave my sadness behind and go downtown to hang out at a coffee shop with my dear, dear girl this Christmas Eve day, grateful to be together.


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