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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Decent Work Day

It's Fair Trade Month, which follows World Decent Work Day. (See Things aren't decent for many in this world though. We watched Rethinking Afghanistan yesterday and it's been weighing on me about what steps to take--without a draft it is next to impossible to think we can build a movement and stop a troop build up. We must rely on our small actions and Obama for the time being.... Hardly enough to stop the momentum of the military industrial complex.
Still the thinking of flowers says celebrate life.. Today is the last day before our first big rainstorm. I got in covercrop, the winter garden and have harvested.

I doubt if anyone at the Chico Peace and Justice Center wants seeds at the Annual Dinner but I thought it would be nice to offer sunflower seeds and Evening Primrose seeds so I have harvested them. I'm also full swing into my frenzied walnut picking... once the black walnut hulls get wet they are slimy and stain your fingers brown and the English will go into the baklava for the Annual Dinner.

Alas, I think this is the last burst of golden out of this blog for you for quite some time. Peace accompany you into the less comfortable time of year.


At October 28, 2009 at 11:15 AM , Anonymous Fashionable Earth said...

Great article!! We also wrote about fair trade month:


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