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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Walnut mania

The big storm last week brought down all the walnuts and now the race is on to pick them up before the next rain.
I was away for a few days, my first trip alone in the new veggie VW. She did a great job except I did run out of diesel (from the 2 gallon tank that fits inside the spare tire that is used to start and stop the car so it never sits with veggie oil in the lines.) That was a bit of an adventure, trying to find diesel in San Rafael before the Marin Community Breast Cancer Forum. (The forum was fascinating. There has been a great grassroots effort to figure out why Marin County has the misfortune to have the highest breast cancer rates in the, no conclusive answers yet.)

Meanwhile the news from Farmers Market today was that there is a new home grown biodiesel effort starting up. I'm excited to think I might have access to biodiesel without hassling Michael to process our VV waste oil supply or going to the Costco to buy soy oil cubes.
It was just excellent to get over 100 miles per gallon of diesel on my trip.
Enjoy these photos of fall squash, amaranth, beans, wild grapes and those amazing English walnuts all growing here on the land.


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