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Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year 2010

Well, the old year went out like a sad little dog on a stump in the rain. For us it was a late day ski in the Plumas-Eureka State Park where we saw this little being. The rain fell well above the 5000 foot level as first the full moon and then the rain and wind rocked and wailed around the VV where we were at the old ski hill.

The next day we skiied in a light rain at Sagehen Creek where there is a research center and then the next up at the meadow below Mt. Rose with views out to a sultry Lake Tahoe.

Of course, it is wonderful to be in the VV even when the temperatures fall to 14 degrees like they did last night in Hope Valley after a ski at Luther Pass.
I liked our afternoon ski today in Bear Valley on the way home. The New Year so far is filled with snow people and snow dogs. This snow dog was alert, watchful and faithful-- symbolic of the New Year.


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