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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Grown Kids and Upper Park

The last two nights we've gone up to Upper Bidwell Park for the sunset to walk and bike along Big Chico Creek and along the park road. It is true that Chico is loving its park to death - we humans cause a lot of erosion along the creek banks and trails. Still, these last two early evenings have really been reviving. It's so beautiful up there! It's the best thing about Chico.

On Saturday I ran into Orien's good friend Nadia at Farmer's Market with her mom Marianne and sister Marisa. It is so good to have our "kids" home.
Plus Orien and I got to meet Ema and Cedars' daughter Fionna together. Ema and Orien were best of buddies through most of their childhoods. Ema is a beautiful mom and of course Fionna is gorgeous too.
One more time and with feeling I want to say how grateful I am to be alive and healthy and to have such a wonderful opportunity to live. Peace and Well Being to you also and to your children and those you love.


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