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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Shasta and Lassen

Well, I'm heading into being 64--thus the finger signs here at the old ski bowl at Mt. Shasta. We skied from Bunny Flat to the ski bowl by the road which is still closed at 7000 feet. The ski area was closed after a series of avalanches and because the road was hard to keep plowed plus it edges a sacred spring of the Wintu people. We stayed up there and watched the constantly changing clouds over the summit for a long time.

We ate lunch quite comfortably on an abandoned snow mobile and Sasha and Michael had to mug for the camera.

I got good views of mountain bluebirds fly catching regular looking flies along the snow line... something I'd never seen before.

The next day we went down to the north entrance of Lassen National Park and first rode our bikes in about three miles to where the plows had stopped (from the Devastated Area.) We skied at sunset around Hat Creek Meadow and the next day Michael loaded up the skis (the photo is out of sequence) and we rode to the end of the road and then skied up the park road where it appeared no one had been-- out past Summit Lake and around the edge of the park with views out to Lake Almanor. The snow was still about 5 feet deep but when we got back to the valley it was 100 degrees plus someone rammed the back of the VV-- first accident since we backed into that guy at the Nuclear Power Plant in 2007!


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