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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grown to Juris Prudence

Michael, Sheldon and I just got back from Orien's Golden Gate Law School graduation in S.F. We are in settling mode after a lot of anticipation, some nerves, some muni adventures in the rain and time targets in a still strange city. Orien's wonderful friends really are the joy of her life and these are some of them and excuse me for wrongful spellings- Crystal, Kareem, Lauren, Suman, Liat (Happy Birthday!) and Nicki in these pictures but all her other law school friends and their friends and families who we met and ate and celebrated with.... as well as other friends who also shared a toast for her.

We are very proud of Orien and hold her dear in our hearts every single day as she now plows through law review with the goal of passing the bar. Her generation holds our hopes and most profound respect for the work ahead.


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