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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Endangered Species Faire

The embrace of Mother Earth lasts far longer than the embrace of our earthly mothers but I love this picture for the proxy embrace by Mother Kathy and her dear Dale inside the Mother Earth with such a loving and sentient look to her (painted by Kathy.) The Endangered Species Faire is about the children and I think today was very successful as many were educated and touched.

You really have to click on this turtle picture unfortunately to get the intricate pattern of its caripace and head. It's a wild turtle of our area. Despite the beautiful puppet turtle you never can touch nature for her brillance.

I got to fly a gorgeous dragonfly, one of my favorite creatures (also made by Kathy Faith) and not endangered but part of the great web of life. When you see a lot of dragonflies you know you are at a healthy water environment. She caught the flexibility of the big head which swings seemingly free of the body. I love all the green in this photo and am grateful for our long spring.

And this for you who might not be good at guessing is a chinook salmon. It's a perfect seque for me to ask you to call our rep this week and say you want GMO altered salmon to be labeled (AB 88.) Perhaps if we demand labeling the consumers will keep the genie from getting too far out of the bottle. For me the idea of altering this heritage species is devastating. ( Jim Nielsen 916-319-2002) They say the great forests of the west are dependent on the life cycle of the wild salmon... their bodies nurture the soils, the trees and the critters. How foolhardy our species is (but I love the little human legs here.)

Happy Mothers for Peace Day tomorrow. One thing more this mother would like to ask. Google Mothers for Peace and help us decommision older nuclear plants like Diablo Canyon and stop more nuclear plants from being built. Celebrate your moms.


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