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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Eco-Occupy the Earth

We went to the Eco-Occupy march in Sacramento today to the Board of Forestry... There were about 40 of us including quite a few kids. Dan, a new Oroville resident, drove down to the action with me. Here he is as Red Emmons's right hand man-- which he's not. Red owns Sierra Pacific Industries which is decimating California forests and the biodiversity and water storage of our high country of the Cascades and Sierra.
 People came from the embattled Battle Creek watershed west of Lassen. They speak their truth of the effects of clear cutting from personal experience--the stripping of the land, the dumping of herbicides by Mexican people without protective clothing, the losses to the local sense of place void of seed bearing oak that nurture the forest creatures....
 I was going to include a very eccentric shot of myself in my Lorax yellow mustache but am almost glad the camera disappeared it. That was merciful. (I can't believe I testified before the Board of Forestry with it on!)
 Whether or not they are marionettes is anybody's guess. (Three are on the revolving door of corporate to government--two are former S.P.I.) My take is that they can't (choose not to) see the forest for the trees. They are making judgements based on technical data that has nothing to do with the fundamental questions of over-all habitat loss, head-waters destruction-- the big picture concerns that indicator species like the spotted owl are just symbols of. How much more can we afford to lose? Will we take it past the brink? We need an immediate moratorium on clear cutting, that is absolutely for sure. Go to for county by county images of the pox of clearcutting on the contiguous forests of this great northern California region-- the lungs of the earth are being hacked out for profit.....that's all too clear.


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