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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Occupied Days

 The day was mostly human centered but we did go for a walk in the morning and found another bushtit nest. The bees were buzzing in the rosemary and the birds were singing with abandon... you can always tell when rain is coming by the uptick in their chorus.
 We had a Regional General Assembly and a good circle of people it was--I was cooking for Food Not Bombs so was a little late for introductions but know there were Nevada City, Marysville, Red Bluff, Redding, Quincy and Taylorsville represented. We will now have increased connectivity and strength as a Regional Occupy.

The top photo is of the Red Bluff folks and the second one is of women from Nevada City. It was great to be together at Food Not Bombs but we didn't have that organized well enough. It would have been fun to march together through town rather than just meet and scatter. I wish I'd gotten to talk to more of them. I was in scatter mode myself-- went to the Peace Endeavor Vigil for awhile then had to go out to the Cinemark theater to get petitions signed against Clear Cutting at the Lorax movie. There's more activism in the pipeline, more radio and thankfully, more rain.


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