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Monday, March 12, 2012

Occupy- Stop Foreclosure Fraud!

Today Occupy Chico was part of a state-wide Action called Occupy The Crime Scene. It is an effort by Occupy groups to get audits and investigations of fraudulent mortgage practices being perpetrated by the banks on hundreds of thousands of California homeowners. There will be coverage on and info is available from Occupy Petaluma-Foreclosure Crisis who alerted us about the complexity of this.

 A homeowner can go to their county recorder's office and look up their deed of trust on this machine. If on page 1 it shows the letters MERS you probably have fraud going. Ask for an audit and investigation..the folks at Occupy Petaluma can help you. In the case of this long and complex mortgage situation on this home we couldn't find that but we did in another case of a foreclosed homeowner.
Butte Co. D.A. Mike Ramsey was very obliging and willing to help. Now we have to stay with it so we can actually bring together the prosecutorial offering and the victims.
 Let's prosecute white collar criminals, keep people in their homes and restore money to our cities.


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