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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Generative Powers!

 I just want to recognize a few moms in the community. Last night Ann (below) and I went out to celebrate her 65th Birthday. After a wonderful dinner and serenade of Bob Marley's "By the Rivers of Babylon" from Sipho and his friend we went to see Susan's art opening at Upper Crust. Susan generates mother love ( and has two grown kids.
 and then to the Matador Motel, transformed for an art fiesta by the talented, creative, hard-working arts community here in Chico. There we saw Mira and Jose. Mira has lived for about six years now in Jose's community of San Pedro on Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. They are here on behalf of their project Ayudame a pintar mi futuro... help me paint my future where kids learn art, people get help (food, school supplies, etc.) Mira was sharing her booth with her daughter. Ann will spend tomorrow with her two.
 I had to do my political thing-- for the vigil today, but also took myself to the World Fair Trade Day wine and chocolate tasting event at the Chico Peace and Justice Center. This is a photo of my beloved pax, Caroline and her son Justin. Caroline has known the pain of losing a child and is an advocate of peace in everything she does. Justin, like Orien, is an attorney, doing good work in the world.
 Lastly, in a snapshot of Mother's Day dear ones-- Carmel and daughter Ali have been doing Food Not Bombs together for months. Today the menu was dominated by home grown salad which blessed my palate before the Peace Vigil and the chocolate extravaganza. Thanks to them and to all the mothers and children of mothers throughout this busily spinning globe.


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