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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Maligne Canyon and Lake

 Treasures of nature! We visited Maligne Canyon which is an unroofed cavern bringing water from Medicine Lake via underground rivers and streams. The water surges along the deep narrow canyon but also in unlikely plumes from within the adjoining hillside.
 We got low-light un-flashed photos of both bull elk and big horned sheep from the last two evenings. Last evening coming back from Maligne Lake we were mobbed by about a dozen sheep who were fascinated by the truck tires. (Some nutrient?) We were able to see them from the truck very up close--as in, could have touched them but wouldn't have.
The iconic Jasper elk are about to enter rut... that should be something to hear. As it is, the call sound the bull elk make is very high, a bugle quiver that is shivering in it's wildness.
 We finally saw moose yesterday on our paddle on Maligne (Ma-leen) Lake. A family of three and this couple-- bull to the right and cow to the left. I'm sorry for my back but this is the only shot where we got both in the same frame. We have been looking and looking for moose and were so excited to finally get good views of these gigantic and odd looking creatures. (They could say the same about me, I suppose.)
 Maligne Lake itself was incredibly beautiful with the high peaks of the Rockies, glaciers, fall colors, "spirit" rocks and a stiff wind to paddle back through in the fading afternoon. All the days of this trip tumble together but I think yesterday is right up there for "Best of Canada" status despite my numb hands from paddle gripping.


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