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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Direct Action to Stop Drones

 Every month we (people committed to peace) go to the gates of Beale Air Force Base. We even have a website now you can look at for more information--

This time was different. Active participants had gone to Pakistan in a recent delegation and talked to people directly affected by the drone strikes. It became clearer than ever that innocents are suffering and dying due to this rogue U.S. technology and that people in the countryside are living in terror and more and more of their extended countrymen were seeing our country as without humanity.
Our commitment to peace has deepened as we realize that both Presidential candidates are willing to be war criminals-- to press forward on this short term strategy for tailoring wars and controlling other countries through the cruelest of means, without moral or legal justification.
 We were able to use our banners and our 60 or so bodies to block the Main Gate of Beale for over four hours.
 We spoke to the press, to the county police, to the media and to the base personnel about the situation of the powerless, about the immorality of drone strikes and about our concerns about the gathering international arms race in drone technology.
 Eventually we had nine arrests on federal charges-- four at one gate and these five at the Main Gate. Some of these people are luminaries of the Peace and Justice movement, others are local to our region. We are all united in our opposition to drone warfare and the need to inform the American people and the world about the current and coming terrors of robotic surveillance and murder. We hope you will join us at drone bases springing up throughout the U.S. and the world and will use every tool in your democratic kit bag in stopping this abominable menace to human-kind.


At November 3, 2012 at 8:00 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

02Thank you, Chris, for the moving write-up and great photos! Such a pleasure to do peace action with you and Michael! Love and Peace, Shirley


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