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Friday, October 12, 2012

Salmon River near Challis

 We traveled in a golden corridor of cottonwood (and others, all yellow) and brilliant blue sky for 14 miles yesterday from the Challis Bridge to Watts Bridge on the Salmon River. It took five hours and was absolute balm.
 The water levels were low but in the inflatable we only got hung up twice. The water was still rushing and braided so there were always negotiations to be made. Because of our speed it was hard to have time for bird watching but we did see dipper, pipit, osprey, bald eagle, and of course, magpies.
 The cliffs were colorful with reds, cobalt blues, browns of every variation. The water tented and rolled and went glossy as we delighted our way along.
 The best though was this 100+ herd of elk. We'd heard them the night before-- bugling and squealing breathlessly with coyotes singing nearby. They are a haunted and hunted group with a narrow band of habitat between the town of Challis and the farms and pop-up houses and outbuildings along the way. The ranger said they have just gone through archery season and are also hunted with rifles and wolf predation. They were skittish of us even from this distance. What is called the Round Valley is at the tipping point for them.


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