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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Idaho Hotsprings

 The lakes we mentioned in the last post were at 9,000 feet. Stanley Lake (above) was at 6500 feet and it rained the night we were there. Since the weather has remained unsettled we have moved slowly west on Hwy 21. This next shot is out of sequence but it is the well-loved Kirkham Hot Spring on the Payette River. Behind these natural hotsprings you can see the results of a forest fire from 1989. Over 80, 000 acres burned this summer and over the last generation fires have become more severe... you can see how slowly the land comes back.
 We enjoyed the Bonneville Hot Springs on Warm Creek even though the pools were shallow. We were down to about 4,000 feet and back in fall colors.
 It's also a very popular place with a forest service campground and an old wooden changing building with a hot tub bathtub in it. It was great to have it all to ourselves.
 The best though was today at Pine Flats. Last night it rained like crazy and then this morning there was another good squall so we didn't hike in until about noon and were able to enjoy this wonderful shower pool. It felt like a mosaic of temperatures thudding down on your body; like a blinding massage off the cliffs above. The Payette River is about 20 feet below-- you can't tell in this photo. Amazing!


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