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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Two Medicine

 After we left Many Glacier we headed to Browning, which is the closest town and at the heart of the Blackfoot Confederacy Reservation. After four days of fussing with dead batteries we purchased another there; Michael processed veggie oil and we did the basics of our simple existence-- showered, laundered, shopped. The prairie was cold and at night the water lines froze but we were snug there... I saw fox and prairie dog and the community was kind to us.
 The next night we were back in Glacier Park, at Two Medicine. This was the view in the morning. We decided the trail was clear enough for a hike and for quite awhile the trail was free of snow but as we kept climbing the day went from clear to cloudy with snow flurries.
 But in every direction it was breath-taking and magnificent and we pressed on almost five miles to No Name Lake.
 The cliff walls above the frozen lake were so high I couldn't get a shot of them in the same frame. There was about a quarter inch of ice on the lake and about six inches of snow and it seemed winter had settled in -- we didn't stay long. We could heard the plaintive screeching call of a bull elk and could see mountain goat above us but even in the avalanche chutes there were no other animals to be seen... just lots of tracks of those setting up for their winter practices.
It was hard to leave Glacier Park behind today and head into the Montana residential and business sector heading south from West Glacier. Something is lost for us but gratefully it stays the same for those we have left behind.


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