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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Home 48 hours

 It is incredible to be back. I did radio ( with Laurel Avalon on the Peace and Justice Show, volunteered over four hours for the KZFR Pledge Drive. I've reconnected with the Chico Peace and Justice Center, the Chico Peace Endeavor, Butte Environmental Council, AquAlliance, Sacramento River Preservation Trust, Butte Creek Watershed Alliance, the Farmers Market, Food Not Bombs, Occupy Foreclosure Task Force, Chico Democratic Party and the Yes on Prop 37 (Label GMO) Campaign and many friends and acquaintances. I feel swirled and full of things I need to do to follow up on those issues we discussed or I said I'd do.....Already!
 The first morning I walked around Riparia in awe and took these shots. The seeds for this plant above I got from Peaceful Valley Farm Supply... the leaves were supposed to taste like spinach. It's such an odd but interesting plant and I have yet to eat any of it.
 This is Bruce's field. It's so amazing to be back here where the seasons are cusping over each other... we have winter vegies like broccoli and summer vegies like corn and tomato and zillions of peppers. It knocks you out to see all this after being north of here where winter has closed in. Our valley, despite notably bad air quality, is spectacular for growing food. Not one more home should be built on our valley soils. This is the heartland and home grown local foods could make us self sufficient if we need/choose/have to be. As long as we control our water.
 Besides all the human network re-connecting we have done in the last two days there is the reality of the land. When you travel around you just accept the plants that grow in a place and don't much notice what is out of place but on a farm there is a constant pull to do things-- the land was demanding that I pick up walnuts. Numero uno! Then the call to get the (lovely deep rich purple) polk seeds out of the fields (as they reseed everywhere and are invasive.) To cut back grape ivy that is out to strangle its way to supremacy. To dig out scattered clumps of Johnson grass after the rains.... I am owned already by the land and by my community almost before we get moved back into the house. No regrets though. None at all.


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