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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Our Family

 Went in to visit Katie at Third and Main today after the Peace Vigil. She's a joy to visit although I'm not being a very good customer these days.
It was a bright late winter day and Idle No More was having a Round Dance at the Plaza at 2pm so I stayed around after Farmer's Market and the Peace Vigil.
 Saw my friend Anna Kastner at the Idle No More with about 200 people in a huge circle stretching around the widest part of the plaza. There were only a few drummers but the guys who were there were excellent. A lot of heart and unexpressed issues and longings in that circle... people came from a great distance and I hope they felt the energy made it worth it to come together. The issues of energy exploitation and lack of consideration for the rights of Native People have come to a head in Canada and they resonate with the Native People here too who hold solidarity.
 Then tonight I went to Trinity Methodist Church to honor Ali Sarsour on his birthday with a few hundred of his friends-- a benefit as these things always are... Not sure if it was for scholarships in Belize or the Shalom Free Clinic but I brought food home to Michael and we had our dinner together.
 It was a good day... best was making tabouli from parsley from our garden for Food Not Bombs and for the Middle Eastern dinner for Ali. It was nice to give something healthy to those I love.
 Speaking of people I love-- Keith and Orien were together and home last week. We went for a bike ride in the park. I'm enjoying all my little outings but my main time is just being home with Michael.


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