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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dinosaur National Monument

 After a rainy day in Vernal we drove through Naples (an industrial sprawling extension of Vernal devoted to supplying the oil and gas industry) then through farm land then crossed the Green River and to the covered Quarry where hundreds of exposed dinosaur bones rested in the petrified mud of an ancient river, now uplifted. The layer is exactly like the one below. The Split Rock Mountain that the Green River flows through is illuminated in the back round.
 We camped on the Green River and met a wonderful couple from France. They travel in their green "Papillon" for five months a year and have been all over the world. I love that spirit.
The day dawned very bright and we kept going through the Dinosaur National Monument but the photo below is from a short segment of private land.
 We had a full day of exploration and hiking but one thing that was pointed out is how rarely lizards are pictured in petroglyphs.
 These two (below)  think it is completely appropriate.
So much about today was quieting. The clear air, the quiet, the purity of the desert. The signage along our hike reinforced the uniqueness of the environment and all there is to lose with contamination of the air and water nearby. It reminded me of the title of that book, which had nothing to do with this special place-- The Incredible Lightness of Being. A hollow and still union of being and place.


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