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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Cedar Breaks to Baker

 Cedar Breaks is over 10,000 feet and it was frigid when we were the only ones at this National Monument before heading down to Cedar City before snow fall. Some say it is like a mini-Bryce and that the colors are even more radiant. All I know is that it was beautiful and somewhat unexpected.
 We went north from Cedar City to Parowan Gap, a gap in a mountain range the ancients moved through. It seems that the petroglyphs were much different than elsewhere. Everything seemed to be about distances, or sizes, or numbers or directions. Ancient geometry.
 The over-all effect of the cold and the ancient communications was to make me fill with wonder all over again at their lives lived within such harsh conditions so many years ago.
 We traveled a long while, angling up to the Great Basin National Park but in the valley below there was something called the Baker Archeological Site where a community of ancients had thrived in distant time past, their buildings oriented to the sun and solstice. We had not seen ancestral dwellings in the middle of a vast valley before so it was another wonderful thing to read about. Now we are in Nevada where the islands of mountains run north to south with these wide valleys in between. Our eyes are adjusting to the new beauty.


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