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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back country

 There's some disagreement if this is Kosk Creek or the Pit River but it's a lovely hot springs and Michael caught my best aspect in this first shot... so good to have the stress cook away in the cool air, hot water and rolling clarity of the waters. Faithful Selkie had trouble with finding a comfortable spot but she also seemed to settle more calmly into her new family's eccentric but fun wanderings this trip. 
 Spring is doing what it always does, despite the dryness. The dogwoods are shooting leaves out the tips of their twigs and small flowers are quickly blooming and disappearing. The north side moss, worts and succulents aren't as deeply moisturized as they like but they have that persistent look to them-- a bring-it-on patience.
 We found more name changes at the Cabin Creek trailhead that was labeled Squaw Creek on the Pacific Crest Trail signs. We hiked up to the Trinity Divide and felt the free comfort of being in the woods without a care on the down-hill.
 In nature there is time for silence and time to even out the fears and hopes with a sense of just being present to what is, as it is, in the harmony and wonder of it.


At April 20, 2014 at 10:26 PM , Blogger Joni Clark Stellar said...

Beautiful images, blessed poetics, peace amidst struggle - you amaze me, Chris!


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