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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Our unfolding story

 Tatiana and Flora came to Chico to help install a RAFTT (Radical Art for These Times) exhibit at the Butte County Public Library. I have a bit of survivor guilt about the experience of helping put it all together-- Flora got her camera stolen while we were working on this. However, as you can see below there is a lot to be proud about. These little felted people in their dioramas really do deliver the story of our legacy of environmental direct action.
 We had two cases and the one above was all devoted to Fracking... I'm excited to have this interesting way of getting people educated about this frightening technology. We are working to get a moratorium here in Butte County but the display doesn't address that campaign--just the concerns.
 Here is one of the dioramas... completely realistic figures. To learn more about this action at the Royal Bank of Scotland go to
 Here's most of the case... Tatiana really worked hard to get all the dioramas into this very limited space. It will be intriguing to hear how the public responds to this art exhibit.
 In the last post there was a picture of Tim DeChristopher in the flesh. Here he is as the famous Bidder 70. Learn about the current effort to save Utah wild public lands from oil and gas exploitation at
 And here are my darlings-- the Food Not Bombs folks, so near to my heart. Here's a history of this international movement
This diorama is about Wangari Maathai and the Green Belt Movement of Kenyan tree planters
and this one about saving whales and dolphins --the brave activists of Sea Shepherd‎  The ones I don't write about that are on the top are Bolivian people blocking the road in the fight for water rights, the Nevada Test Site and Greenpeace activists scaling a coal plant tower... all these good people united in a humble glass case in one of our great institutions-- our Library!


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